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SpringTime Water Distiller

The Springtime Water Distiller is patented in the U.S.A. and Canada. It was invented by Fred Kirschman and Wallace Bolte, both from Bismarck, North Dakota.


Both Fred and Wallace were two very bright and innovative individuals who saw a problem in the domestic water distiller market and decided to correct the problem.


These two creative fellows put their heads together and it resulted in the finest domestic drinking water machine made anywhere.
Springtime is a fully automatic water cooled distiller. It is self filling, it is self flushing and it operates under a very remarkable design principle as outlined below.

  1. It will remove organics without a carbon filter. Carbon filters are problematic to drinking water machines, as the carbon not only can store organics but it can potentially breed bacteria, especially in non-chlorinated water supplies.
  2. In Springtime’s patented design principle, the low volatile organics or low boilers as they are called, will not survive the preheat process. Therefore, they do not require a carbon filter.
  3. They cost far less to operate than traditional fan operated distillers. In fact, there is a 35% to 70% lower cost for electricity and filters required to operate the Springtime Distiller.
  4. The Springtime Distiller is very, very silent as it has no annoying fan like air cooled distillers. When the distiller is operating in a completely quiet room, the only noise heard is a very light muffled sound.
  5. The Springtime Distiller gives off very little heat. Over 75% of the heat in the distillation process is confined to the flush water that goes down the drain. The heat that normally causes problems with air cooled distillers does not disturb the temperature around the Springtime distiller.
  6. Springtime is also the most maintenance free distiller on the market, especially with soft water. It is made of the highest quality stainless steel and has an exceptionally long life span.



Big Iron Drilling purchased the Springtime distiller and its’ manufacture is divided between the U.S.A. and Canada. Further no offshore products are used in the manufacture of the Springtime Distiller.



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