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For information on

Water Treatment or Water Wells,

please call our

toll free number at: 


1-800-Big Iron (244-4766)

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*Check on existing Government Grants and assistance for Water Well Drilling


*Check on Big Iron's time payment plans.







Give us a call and one of our local representatives will test your water for free and recommend a viable solution.

Please contact us at

1-800-BIG-IRON (244-4766)


...and your whole family will

love our water too!


 Kontinous ShoK Chlorinator


We offer financing and time payment plans to make your purchase easier.

Big Iron Drilling manufactures and distributes residential and commercial water treating equipment including Water Softeners, Iron Filters, Water Distillers, Reverse Osmosis, Tannin Removers, Arsenic Removers, U.V Lights & Chlorination Systems that are distributed in Canada and the United States.


Big Iron Drilling also drills Water Wells in Alberta, Canada, using both Rotary and Cable Tool drilling rigs.


Big Iron Drilling has been actively involved in research and development that has led to many inventions in both their Water Treatment and Water Well Drilling divisions.


If you wish to speak to someone directly, please phone 1-800-Big-Iron (1-800-244-4766) - 24 hours a day anywhere in North America and Hawaii.


*We do not have an automated phone system. When you phone, you will be greeted by a real person.


We hope you enjoy learning about our products through our web site.

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